I was born and grew up in Murcia.
I love my city. Its food, its weather, its people…

It was an honor for me to work showing my city to Chris, his family and his best men who came from Oxford. Ana and her family, as hosts, also helped me a lot during this day.

I hope you like this corner of Murcia. 
Thank you couple for this day. We enjoyed so much 


Fotografía: Jose Martian   @josemartianwedding
Wedding Planner: Eterna Prometida  @eternaprometida
Floristería: Emy Floristas   @emyfloristas
Vestido: Pronovias  @pronovias
Peluquería: Daphne  @daphne980
Maquillaje: Consuelo Ortiz  @consueortizmakeup
Finca: Parque de la Marquesa  @parquedelamarquesa