Poor, miserable, nomads, deserters or persecuted.
Men who stood outside the system without discriminating any national flag.
Always attracted by the spirit of adventure, by the defense of their own principles or by the simple search for freedom.

After all…
piracy was reached out by necessity, 
rarely by vocation. 



Hello! this is Jose,

It’s always a pleasure and honor for me to be part of a wedding, so until the times comes when we can meet, I tell you a little more about me.  



Based on the Mediterranean coast, I offer service for all type of weddings. 

With more than 10 years of experience, I search an editorial and documentary style,
being my main goal the constant connection with the elegant and natural things.

Moreover, I’m also an expert in surf, underwater and international branding, exhibiting part of my work at @josemartian and www.josemartian.com. I like to offer a different service to my clients, which has led me to live and work in countries like Australia, Morocco, Italy, Portugal, Greece, UK, Crotia, France, USA, Maldives, Indonesia…working for clients as Corte Inglés, Inside, Yokono, Heinz, Ulanka…

I like to tell any story in a spontaneous, fun and above all, natural way.

The most important is to enjoy in your Wedding Day, letting improvisation bring out the greatest expression of its protagonist.


other part of my work: surf, underwater and international branding 


Sometimes, I risk my life to take a photo.
My passion for my profession leads me to look for different resources.

Conditions in which nature occasionally offers its perfection,
making my level of judgment for every detail always the maximum.

I unconsciously carry this over to any occasion where I can take photos, like a wedding.


Jose Martian is a play on words with my name, José María Martínez.

It projects the hellenistic philosophy that inspired ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, also reflecting my lifestyle.

Martian means Martian in English, a play on words with my hometown, Murcia. Martians are very different from humans and come from planet Mars. Mars is the God of war, passion and bravery for the Romans.

Roman Gladiators were athletes invulnerable to fear. They fought for their FREEDOM in exchange for their life, their honor and their blood in the arena. 

To get out of the system, the pirates also abandoned everything, in exchange for their love for the OCEAN and FREEDOM.



any question?